30 minutes head sculpt

Wanted to try something a bit more exaggerated, spent 30 minutes on this

My next sculpts I'll be trying to work from a bust basemesh so I'll have some neck geometry and things in there

Day 9 Zbrush

Ears critically hit you for massive damage!

Yep this was a big fail, I fixed some issues with the lips and did some brow tweaking, the ears are just awful though. I'm struggling to get the volume into them so they look like a piece of paper. I'll keep working on them...

Well thats a but better, jeez ears are really hard.

Day 7 Zbrush (continued)

Annnnnd its coming on a bit better I think, the eyelids look better than there being none there, but I still need to look up the chapter in Loomis and see how I can make it better.

I toned down the cheekbones and also made the mouth a bit smaller as it seemed much too big and then did some mucking around with the movetool just to try and make things seem "right".

Quite liking this one so far, I may even try to add some ears to him :)

Day 7 Zbrush

Had another play around with a head test, don't really like it yet but have loads left to do.

I tried to think more about the skull underneath and also the muscles which I think made a bit of a difference although it still doesn't look quite right - I will keep working on it :)


Some of the stuff was really annoying me so I gave it a quick rejig. Need to eat now but can hopefully take a crack at the eyelids later today.

Day 6 Zbrush

More work on the skull, it's looking alright (I think...). I'm going to play around with some other zbrush bits and carry on with some tutorial videos before I do any more work on him, I'll probably have a play around with a normal head today as well as wanted to give another one a go :)

Day 5 Zbrush

Started with a skull sculpt, only got to put about 25 minutes into it as I've a headache and really need to get some sleep, hopefully I can work on it some more at the weekend.

I've kept it at a really low division level and am just concentrating on the proportion and making sure everything is where it should be.

Used the skull LOTS for reference, I've been handling it loads and touching my head and face all over trying to visualise the relationship between the two :)

Skull Reference

Thanks to a kindly soul at work I have some good reference this
weekend for my skull sculpt I'll be trying :)

Day 4 Zbrush (continued)

Annnnnd found an earlier version of the sketch and tried tweaking some more things, smoothing out some of the areas and trying to make the volumes stand out more. I'm still totally failing on the eyes and really need to figure that out.

Day 4 Zbrush


Spent an hour mucking around and trying and tweaking things, going to call this finished now as I have to go to work and I should probably start sculpting something new tonight.

Quite happy with how it turned out, the eyes are still super dodgy but I think the lips look a lot better, will carry on reading anatomy book tonight.

Day 3 Zbrush

Not a lot done today as I left work later, am going to work on it a bit more in the morning before I go to the office though. I tried to add some eyelids and make the eyes less cartoony as well as some changes around the mouth and lip area.

I'll probably start something new tomorrow night :)

Day 2 Zbrush

Another attempt at a head, didn't really watch anymore of the tutorial DVD stuff as I wasn't happy with the previous attempt.

This one seems a bit better so I can carry on with the tutorials tonight :)

Day 1 Zbrush

Picked up the "Introduction to Zbrush 3.0" DVD from Gnomon and started to watch through, here's my first attempt at a head in Zbrush

Graphics Tablet

Got myself a nice new graphics tablet so I can start learning to model/texture, pretty damn impressed with it so far :)