AM Class2 Week3

Ran out of time as always, I only really pushed it into spline from the linear/stepped stuff this morning so there is still a lot of polish to be done - also it looks floaty and crap


AM Class2 Week2

Blocking for my 180 degree turn shot

Still some things I didn't quite get around to fix, I'll continue work on it until I get a mentor critique and see how things go

AM Class2 Week1

Annnd onto the first week of the second class! The first class went by very quickly, and this class should be a lot of fun :)

I'm doing a 180 turn, so I needed to shoot some video reference (which I won't upload) and some thumbnail sketches.

I took a load of reference and spliced three different bits
together, then I did a quick mockup in Flipbook which I used to put my thumbnail sketches together.

This worked INCREDIBLY well for me, normally I do sketches as.. well... thats what you are meant to do, but I've never felt the connection between them to the animation. Animating a rough in flipbook first took me the same amount of time as doing normal thumbs but I actually understand what I'm going to animate now!

Anyway, here is the flipbook test - first attempt so its a bit crap but I had fun:

And here are my sketches based on that:

AM Week12 ProgressReel

Didn't update in a while, here is the progress reel for the end of Class1. I was fairly happy with most of it, although I didn't get to put enough time into the hopscotch walk so it just ended up fairly crappy.

I'll add it onto my list of things to fix