AM Week7 (day7)

This week was animating Tailor, the ball with a tail!

I had good fun with it and realise it could still use a little bit of love on the spin, so I'll take care of that with a revision next week as I'm out of time on getting it uploaded for critique

Only 4 more weeks until the end of class1 - time goes unnervingly quickly

AM Week6 (day7)

Started my assignment quite late this week - so I need to make sure that doesn't happen again!

Here is my pendulum anyway, I ran out of time a bit with it so didn't have time to really sort it out - but I'll work on it as a revision for next week

AM Week5 (day7)

Well, didn't get a whole lot of time to put into my work this week so I did my assignment stuff over a couple of hours yesterday... hopefully next week will be a bit more successful.

Devastation pose, I tried to go for something a little less cliche - I think that choice may have bitten me in the ass though:

Obstacle course ball bounce - I can still see a ton of problems with it, but I guess I'll have to deal with those in the revision for it I'll do next week: