AM Week4 (day7)

Ended up totally redoing the heavy ball at the last minute and managed to get it uploaded to the server 20 minutes before final submission time.

Bit happier with it now, but still didn't really come out the way I wanted, oh well - better luck this week :)

AM Week4 (day4)

Annnnd the end of the first month, here is the planning sketch for my heavy and light ball bounce:

This is a revision to my basketball bounce based on some feedback I was given:

And this is an (unfinished) version of my heavy and light ball bounce :)

AM Week3 (day7)

Today is the last day of week3 so... here is my pose, I tried something more subtle and failed, so I just went back and redid it making it more of the cliche :/

And here is the final ballbounce:

AM Week3 (day3)

Didn't get to do much today - just some tweaking of curves, and changing the rotation from linear to splined (tried to get the rotation to slow down after changing direction to show the reversal of force)... I think the rotation stuff works quite well now

My main fear is that I've gone too cartoony with it (again) so I'm going to be experimenting a bit with the curves and see what results I can get.

Anyway, can't work too much on it today as my girlfriend is back from her parents which means I should probably tidy up the apartment a bit first :)

Also here are some horrible ideas for the excitement pose:

AM Week3 (day2)

More work on my ballbounce animation and planning. I made the mistake last time of hitting almost 200 frames, what I didn't realise was that there is actually a 100 frame limit (doh! thanks Anh for pointing that out)

So here is the new planning, I basically cut off the front section of the animation and then redid the timing based on some video reference I handily found on youtube.

And here is the animation itself, I think it's looking better weight wise and I also added a stripe so I could play around with the rotation (it wasn't really visible on a single colour ball). Still have some work left to do on this so I'll probably be tinkering with it throughout the week - let me know what you think :)

AM Week3

Bouncing ball week!

Here is some rough planning sketches - the ticks are only thrown in as a rough idea of the spacing, its not exact

annnnd here is a really quick 30 minute job in Maya, its still really floaty so I'll address that tomorrow

AM Week2

Well I started up AnimationMentor again so I figured I'd start putting my assignment stuff here.

This is a pose I had to make this week, I made some sketches in the beautiful sun - sitting beside the river and then tried to pose it out in Maya. It's just someone sitting on a chair (thankfully I was allowed to use props).

I'm trying to get to grips with using my Wacom tablet as well which is pretty difficult at the moment but hopefully I'll get used to it :)