I figured I could modify the tree/logs I already had to make a couple of quick tree stumps... texture looks bloody awful but they're so small on the screen I don't think it will matter tooooo much :)

More game stuff

Worked a lot on the game at the weekend but have very little to show for it :)

Re-modeled / textured the cliffs and the cave, cave texture is still horrible but I quite liked how the cliff came out

Mainly worked on the code side, hooking up the hud graphics to the art so it's all functional - also made some fairly major changes to how the camera system works (camera now follows the player vertically so it's always at the same height relative to the player, and also follows the player moving backwards)

Next up I need to model a new item crate, a signpost, a tree stump and some boulders that match the texture of the cliff!

Iphone Progress

I thought it might help my motivation to have a look back at how my game has progressed and then decided to feed my blog with some more images, feels like I've accomplished so much in the 5 months, but so little at the same time :)

I made a new healthbar

Got a new healthbar done, I spent 20 minutes sketching out a few different ideas and positions, then spent a couple of hours making a basic version in ArtRage and making some code for it so it's working ingame (Ammo bar still hasn't been coded yet, I'll do that tomorrow).

Not sure if I like it yet, it's an improvement from the last one but I think I could maybe do better :)

I'll be making the bears head in the middle of the healthbar change when you press fire, as well as looking more ragged as his health gets lower (my little tribute to Doom) :)

Iphone Game

Been away from my sculpting for a while as I wanted to try and finish an iphone game I am making.

Level Pics:

Scenery Pics: