AM Class2 Week1

Annnd onto the first week of the second class! The first class went by very quickly, and this class should be a lot of fun :)

I'm doing a 180 turn, so I needed to shoot some video reference (which I won't upload) and some thumbnail sketches.

I took a load of reference and spliced three different bits
together, then I did a quick mockup in Flipbook which I used to put my thumbnail sketches together.

This worked INCREDIBLY well for me, normally I do sketches as.. well... thats what you are meant to do, but I've never felt the connection between them to the animation. Animating a rough in flipbook first took me the same amount of time as doing normal thumbs but I actually understand what I'm going to animate now!

Anyway, here is the flipbook test - first attempt so its a bit crap but I had fun:

And here are my sketches based on that:

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